What is datavisual?

datavisual is a web-based tool for creating data visualizations. Perfect for designers and creatives with limited programming skills but a need to make beautiful charts and graphs. Once you design your chart style and saved it to your account, you can upload multiple data sets and output them as a PNG image, vector PDF or a dynamic web embed.


Datavisual makes it easy for you to design the charts and graphs that you want. You can start with the provided templates or you can design in Illustrator. With Datavisual you can easily change your design without the need to write your own code.


Once you are happy with your design, download the data template for the chart type. All the headings that are in
ALL CAPS need to stay as is, otherwise fill it up with your own data. Then upload as many datasets as you want as CSV files.

Note: We are also working on intigration with APIs and mass uploads, these features will be
available in the near future.


When you have your template designed and the data properly formatted, the only thing left is to combine the two and output your files. We give you the option to output your designs as a PNG image, vector PDF, vector SVG or a dynamic web embed.

Datavisual and the NY Daily News!

We are extremely happy to announce that Datavisual has been selected to became the first early-stage company to join the Daily News Innovation Lab. Datavisual will help Daily News re-imagine solutions to tell stories in a more interesting, richer, interactive, engaging way through Intuitive Interactives (data visualization).